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Grilles and Security Bars

Grilles and Security Bars

Most commercial premises have vulnerable areas where a cost effective solution is the installation of fixed or retractable grilles or security bars. Trios Secure are able to install, repair and service all types of security grilles and bars – whether they are sliding or fixed.

Our network of suppliers support our field engineers in providing all the spares needed to repair partial or complete installed systems, including locking devices, roller mechanisms and top / bottom tracks as well as the grilles themselves.

Our estimators can price for complete installations or part replacement and, as with our other services, we can carry out all the complementary building works required for installation. These include carpentry, brickwork and any electrical services.

Types of products we can provide include:

Tube and Link Grilles

Many retail premises use these as a barrier against theft or vandalism, but without affecting the visual impact of the store. Dependent upon location, they use a variety of internal and external grilles to protect their merchandise, often polycarbonate internally or mesh / steel.

Retractable Grilles

These provide an effective physical security barrier and deterrent to help protect property, and offer the benefit of stacking unobtrusively to the side when not required.

Fixed Bars

These are used to protect smaller window sizes and can be supplied in a wide range of styles, with features such as removable bars to allow windows to be cleaned and rotating bars to prevent attack by use of a hacksaw.