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Sectional Doors

Maintenance Solutions

We are able to service and repair sectional overhead doors in all types of commercial and industrial buildings, including insulated units.

Whether they are manual, hand chain driven or electric, we are able to service and repair the lifting mechanisms, counter balance, guide tracks and the individual door and glazed sections. We are also able to investigate and repair the control systems – including the up/down and emergency stop features and all associated sensors and safety photocells – as well as testing and certifying the electrical supply; whether single or three phase, including the induction loops where fitted.

Where the doors are linked to other equipment such as dock shelters, levellers or stop/go traffic light systems we will work with other providers to integrate the servicing. Our engineers can also address issues with the frames, locking systems and thresholds to ensure optimum operation.

Planned maintenance contracts to manufacturers approved specifications are available with all our services, giving the benefit of proactive annual maintenance which in turn helps to prolong the working life of each door system and reduce repair costs.