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Bollards and Blockers

Site security has become increasingly important to all organisations and comes in many forms; whether it’s to prevent ram raids at retail or distribution premises, or to provide anti-terrorist protection and high security to government or corporate premises.

Whether for individual sites with stand-alone equipment, or for a portfolio of nationwide sites with integrated security solutions, we offer a rapid 24/7 response, using our own Call Centre and dedicated engineer network. Our technicians work from fully equipped vehicles and can not only repair the physical equipment but also the hydraulic and electronic control systems that are essential to the smooth running of your access control.

As an independent company, we are able to source, install, service and maintain products from all the leading manufacturers, offering genuinely unbiased advice on selecting the most appropriate product.

From site perimeter to ingress/egress, we provide solutions that you can rely on. Trios Secure support you and your facilities team with blockers and bollards of the following types:

  • Crash rated or standard
  • Automated or manual
  • Low or constant usage
  • Rapid or standard operation
  • Single or combination set up
  • Deep cast, shallow or surface mounted